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How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

Air ducts are crucial in our homes and workplaces. If your air ducts are in good working condition, they will facilitate the circulation of air and maintain optimal temperatures. However, most homeowners tend to ignore the need for regular cleaning of air ducts.

There are numerous benefits of regular air duct cleaning. For example, there will be improved airflow. When dirt builds up in duct pipes and registers, it prevents free airflow from air conditioners and furnaces.

How often should you clean your Air Ducts?

Mold Growth.

Mold is a type of fungus and can grow anywhere. If there are small amounts of mold in your home, you may not be affected. However, the mold can grow if there is moisture in air ducts. If you notice that mold is growing on or around air ducts in your home, consider contacting a professional air duct cleaning service urgently.

Experts will examine any suspected mold to ascertain that it is actually mold. Mold growth can be dangerous to you or other residents in your home. According to medical experts, mold is a leading cause of respiratory complications.

Mold produces spores. The spores can grow on many surfaces, and individuals can easily inhale them. The contaminated air can cause serious health complications for residents. Therefore, your property should be inspected regularly.

You can spot mold growth in air ducts through sight or smell. In some cases, homeowners and property managers may not notice the growth of mold as it may look like soot or dirt. When mold grows in a hidden spot, you will notice a moldy scent.

Vermin Infestation

Some of the common vermin that may invade your ductwork include cockroaches and rodents. If you notice any sign of vermin, call a professional to clean your air ducts as soon as possible. Rodents, in particular, can leave behind solid waste, which can cause many medical conditions.

Some of the common signs of vermin infestation in air ducts include droppings, chewed up items, and bad odor. Usually, some vermin use the insulation materials in the attic to make nests. Therefore, if you notice any signs of rodents in air ducts, there will be holes that need repairs.

The first step for rectifying the problem is finding the entry point of the vermin. Seal all holes in walls and put some barriers on vents. One of the measures that you can take to keep rodents away in the future is to keep gutters clean at all times.

Excessive Amount of Dust

One of the obvious signs of unclean air ducts is the accumulation of dust in air vents. If you have a dirty or malfunctioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in your home, dust is likely to accumulate in air ducts.

When the air conditioner is working, air can push the dust particles to the vents in various parts of your home. As a result, there will be reduced indoor air quality, and they will trigger allergic reactions.

Moving into a New Home

When you move into a new home, and you are uncertain about the last duct cleaning exercise, hire a duct cleaning service. Duct cleaning will help to avoid any potential health hazards in your new home.

After Home Remodeling or Renovation

A home remodeling exercise is likely to result in the production of large amounts of debris. For example, the work may include ripping down cabinets or new electrical installations. Even if homeowners cover vents during remodeling and renovation, some of the debris can still get into the ductwork.

Therefore, people are urged to inspect their air ducts after the work to see whether there is any dirt. The dust particles can make your home look messy. The debris can circulate to all the parts in your home through air duct pipes and hence low air quality.

Presence of Pets

Dander are common triggers for allergic reactions. Therefore, if you have pets in your home, the air ducts should be cleaned more frequently to facilitate airflow. Most pet owners believe that the hair from their pets is the cause of allergies.

However, according to medical experts, it is the dander from pets that triggers allergic reactions. The dander from pets comes from dead skin and has a negative impact on indoor air quality. One of the most effective ways of controlling the dander is bathing pets regularly.

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